For nearly 50 years there has been warehousing, coopering, blending and bottling facilities on the 31-acre site of Diageo at Blythswood near Renfrew. One of the perks of working for Diageo (also for contractors:) is the existence off staff shops and Amos Beech just completed the design and the fit out. 

Interior design and Fit Out Staff Shop Diageo Blythswood, Renfrew

It was fair to say that there was a bit of work to do to transform the shop from  this:

Roy and Flora on the initial site visit

Into something more like this:

In line with the staff shop we fitted out in Elgin we redesigned and refurbished the shop in Renfrew, this time with a local touch. An image of Renfrew town centre taken by one of Diageo's members of staff was edited by interior designer Flora Hogg into nice graphics behind the counter.

Date of publication: June 22nd 2018

Text: Kit-Har McLaughlin

Photography: Photographer Glasgow