We offer a bespoke office furniture service and can manufacture our own unique system for you and design furniture to suit your needs depending on your way of working.

At Amos Beech we select the right furniture to suit your needs and requirements and this goes back to the early part of the process at the workspace consultancy phase where we really get to know you.

It’s about providing you with the right fit for your business so we can provide a customised furniture solution because every client is unique.

Office Furniture

The workspace as we know it is evolving and workers have different needs and expectations of their working environment and we are extremely mindful of this during the interior design and workspace consultancy stages.

People come in and sit at a desk, but not necessarily the same one every day, so they no longer own a desk position. This requires a whole new system of office furniture.

Work is a more transitional activity now with more mobile and integrated technology and we will help create a modern, flexible and functional workspace that supports these new ways of working.

For example, agile working is becoming increasingly popular in the workplace as many workers now sit at different desks and booths throughout the day. They also need somewhere to put their personal belongings and we offer a range of options - providing personal storage at desk, at desk end and in.

The smart locker system also means workers use a card which gives access to the building and the locker bays.

Task & Managerial Seating

Amos Beech partner with Europe's leading seating manufacturers including Wilkhahn, Sedus, BMA Ergonomics, Klöber, Boss, Verco and Orangebox.

Tap into our wealth of experience and understanding of ergonomics to find out why this is where your office furniture investment is most needed and definitely most well spent.

Break-out & Informal Meeting Spaces

Where do you start – the choices here are endless and that is before you start to consider colour and texture.

We have a great understanding of these office furniture products and will assist you in selecting the right blend of flexibility, comfort, noise attenuation and appearance to ensure these are dynamic and functional spaces that are used frequently and by everyone on your team. We are here in Scotland to help you – drop us a line.


With more and more data being stored electronically, we are seeing a dramatic reduction in the amount of space required for storage. It is however very important to use this space efficiently.

Contact us to enquire about our Filing Audit service. We can help to streamline your paper storage and avoid unnecessary file duplication.

The smart locker system also means workers use a card which gives access to the building and the locker bays.

All of this is carefully integrated into the overall scheme and looks to the future with intelligent lock systems dispenses with keys and moves access onto the same card that gives access to the building.

Samuel Bruce

Our own manufacturer of office furniture and desking systems is Scotland-based Samuel Bruce which offers a fantastic range of quality bench desking, collaborative worktables. managerial workstations, executive suites, meeting room tables, boardroom tables and break-out tables - all available in a wide choice of size and top finish including melamine, laminate and veneer. We have also recently acquired McKellar Office Furniture Glasgow, running since 1939.

Our desking systems are available in different sizes and colours which employees can customise.

If you’re thinking about providing an office workspace that inspires your workers we have an extensive range of breakout furniture, task and ergonomic seating, modular and landscape seating to suit all budgets.