All who work at Amos Beech are committed to providing the highest possible level of service in satisfying the requirements of our customers.

As a main interior design and fit-out contractor we are accredited by The British Assessment Bureau for ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHSA 18001. The regular assessments help us with the continuous improvement of our internal processes, more consistent delivery and less re-work. It results in reduction of costly errors and the resulting consequences for our clients. It also lays the ideal foundations for the future. 

For our clients is gives reassurance that Amos Beech is fit for purpose.

Improving our processes and the way our organisation works boosts not only quality and productivity, but employee motivation too. It leads to a more confident and driven workforce. ISO 9001 also instils a model for continuous improvement.

ISO Certificates


ISO introduced ISO 9001 to replace British Standard BS 5750. It’s a truly international standard, having had input from 159 national standard institutes. ISO 9001 instills a model for continuous improvement.


ISO 14001, is a standard to help organisations create an effective Environmental Management System (EMS), to benchmark the environmental performance (e.g. energy use, recycling rate, waste created) and set out ways to improve on it. Read here about our Corporate Social Responsibility: CSR.


OHSAS 18001 ensures that Amos Beech complies with any local or national regulations relating to health and safety. The standard also provides the framework to help identify, control and improve health and safety at work.



The annual surveillance audits ensure that Amos Beech continue to meet the requirements. Every 3rd year a full re-certification audit is undertaken.  

Integrated Management System



Amos Beech is expanding rapidly and we need our systems to reflect this expansion. We have asked FQM to build a new Integrated Management System (IMS), resulting in a system which will grow and evolve in parallel with the company. You can read all about that here: Integrated Management System.