Going Agile?

This is probably the most widely discussed ‘new’ method of working. Going agile is when a company becomes flexible in their approach to work. Agile working has been around for decades. It explores the idea that nobody spends their whole day at a desk and there is never the whole workforce in an office at any given time. Five years ago, it was the workstyle that revolutionary companies were adopting and the others would stand and watch in awe. 

Today it is a method widely considered by all.

Agile working

How flexible are you willing to go?

Flexible working is the most controversial form of change. Would you as an employer allow some of your workforce to work from home or in coworking areas? How keen are you on micro management and what is your culture?

What are users preferences? How do you collect office occupancy data? Do you want real-time and historic insight?

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