Interior design, office refurbishment and fit out Glasgow

Interior design, office refurbishment and fit out Glasgow

Over the last 10 years we have been a frequent visitor to Morisons Solicitors in Glasgow as we have been on hand to help them with internal office alterations, the inevitable ‘lost keys’ and various other needs since we helped them move to Bothwell Street in 2007.

Morisons has an eye for quality and detail and it hadn’t gone unnoticed that the office was looking a little tired.

Interior design, office refurbishment and fit out Glasgow

As you would expect, Morisons looked at all the options, considered other locations within the locale in Glasgow but ultimately decided to stay and refurbish – a big factor was the number of car parking spaces they have under the building!

So a potential move become a stay and refurbish and fit out along with the associated challenge of keeping a busy team of lawyers functioning in the meantime.

Our Project Team rolled up their sleeves and got down to work. Intelligent interior design was crucial to the success of the project as well as ensuring the final result was every bit as impressive.

The project was carefully designed around three phases which as requested, allowed the business to continue to function. For a couple of weeks, all client meetings were held off site but this was a small inconvenience to worry about.

In the first stage, we emptied the top floor and refurbished it to create a new staff breakout area that offered an oasis of peace and quiet that was attractive to staff. The new space encourages them to leave their desks and office environment for something more uplifting and homely.

The next piece of the puzzle was to move the main office into the meeting suite to allow the necessary upgrades to the air conditioning, data cabling, electrics, lighting as well as redecoration, new storagewall and office furniture upgrades.

Through careful observation and analysis of the way Morisons work, the interior design team were able to identify some new ways of working that would benefit the team. By introducing quiet work zones, collaboration areas and a new tea point with a Zip instant hot water tap, flexible space and agile working are very much on the agenda.

The budget was not a free for all and so careful management and intelligent re-use of existing desks and supplementing with new from the same range which was still available. Continuity is very important when selecting office furniture ranges for this reason alone. Doing all of this we were able to increase occupancy on the same floor space whilst at the same time liberating space that had previously been lost in storage capacity which was no longer required.

The interior design team were keen to make the space as invigorating as possible and by using the storagewall as their canvas, a vinyl wrap was used to bring the great big outdoors to a lawyers office in the middle of Glasgow. Inspirational stuff indeed.

Completing the project was perhaps the most important part which is the ‘front of house’. Morisons window on Glasgow is the space to which both private and commercial clients are invited and it was crucial that this space presented the correct image.

Again, keeping an eye on the overall budget, we were able to re-use the existing reception desk and chairs. To complement, a new sofa was selected from Lyndon Design and complete redecoration of the space.

Office refurbishment and fit out Dundee

Office refurbishment and fit out Dundee

When Scotland's only tyre manufacturer asked us to draft a plan for their office refurbishment and fit out in Dundee, the team here at Amos Beech set out to transform the 40 year old building.

Office fit out and refurbishment for Michelin Dundee

The Dundee plant has been transformed into a “state-of-the-art factory under the five-year investment programme. The Dundee factory opened its doors 43 years ago it is now the city's biggest industrial employer, with just 1000 staff. It manufactures more than seven million car tyres every year. The 'Bâtiment 10' or 'Building 10' hosts 70 office staff and every factory around the world has a 'Building 10' with office accommodation for similar office tasks.

The brief for this Dundee office refurbishment project

The need for this office refurbishment and fit out project in Dundee was clear from the outset. The building was old, uninspiring and even a depressing place to work. For a company of this stature, refurbishment was long overdue. 

Michelin Dundee is Michelin’s best-in-class and is now topping the tables in efficiency and quality. Dundee was the first first Michelin factory in the world to embrace wind energy with two wind turbine generators helping to reduce environmental impact and energy bills.

It's standing attracts high profile visitors from across the world and needs an interior that you expect from a company like Michelin. 

Also graduates were keen to start their career at Michelin, but the company struggled to keep them on board. Michelin offers excellent training programs and career perspectives, but many talent left after a short period of time and when asked they mentioned the working environment was less then inspiring to say the least. You don't want that as an innovative and global company. After all “A better way forward” is the Michelin way: 

The interior design and Lay-Out

The long rectangular building with cellular offices along corridors was to be transformed into a more open plan space with organic shapes. The desks were positioned off set from the walls and in the final design the wave desks were shaped nicely around the circular meeting pods.

Furniture specification

At Michelin 20 million euros are invested each year to develop new solutions for workstation ergonomics. Amos Beech have always been at the forefront of innovative seating and desking solutions and for this project sit-stand desking from Samuel Bruce, originally from Dundee was specified.

The days that working days were an important source for people's exercise are long gone for most people, especially for those that work in offices. Sedentary working applies to in between 4 and 6 hours per day in an average office and in total you are talking about 9 and 11 hours a day! A sit stand desk will bring in more variety in working posture during the day and reduces health risks. It also gives the flexibility in adjustment an international workforce like Michelin needs. 

Changing between sitting and standing increases concentration and output which is essential for a best-in-class tyre manufacturing plant.

Office fit out project management

The office refurbishment was completed over two phases. We started on the ground floor and the initial works included the removal of part of the 1st floor to open up a more impressive staircase entrance reception area. A new staircase was manufactured to the designers specifications and all internal doors were replaced.

As the project was underway it was decided to build an entrance vestibule in front of the reception and despite the already tight time frame, this had to be completed within the timescales allowed.

Walls were opened up and replaced with glazed partitions to allow light to flood through the interior. These new glass partitions have been subtly branded with the iconic Bibendum and other Michelin marketing images.

The overall interior design scheme takes full cognisance of the Michelin brand and uses the approved branding colour palette to establish the Michelin identity whilst retaining a sense of belonging for the individuals who work in the space.

When the second phase started, we had to remove from the building a large safe that had been built in originally. Heavy lifting equipment and careful health and safety planning allowed this to happen without delays or damage to property or person.

As part of the overall scheme, all external single glazed windows were replaced by new double glazed units to improve the thermal efficiencies of the building and the heating and ventilations system was similarly upgraded to meet with the current standards.

The end result is a refreshing and modern interior which is already making a huge difference to the first impressions given to visitors on arrival. Going forward the Michelin management team are confident that the investment will reap rewards in terms of productivity and staff satisfaction.



Highlands and Islands Enterprise have built a new business unit in Dunoon at Sandbanks Business Park and following a public competition on the Scottish Governments PCS webportal, Amos Beech were successful in winning with their interior design furniture offering.

Interior Design Furniture Sandbank Dunoon

The design team carefully researched the building including visiting at an early stage to get a proper ‘feel’ for the space that allowed them to develop an interior design and furniture that caught the attention of HIE.

The brief was to create a ‘front of house’ reception space that also could be used by any one of the multiple tenants who occupy the building. By asking questions and applying our experience we developed the space to a point where it has become an informal ‘town hall’ space at the centre of the building.

Amos Beech included a coffee station within their design and worked with a local commercial coffee machines and consumables provider to ensure that the only headaches were ones from too much caffeine!

The design encourages the creative staff from all the different business units to come together in the space and by sharing ideas and experiences, many new ideas come to light. This is very much in keeping with the very latest ‘café working trends’ that are proving so popular in the happening cities of the world.

A purpose designed welcome desk, greets visitors to the building and the tablet provides a very simple way of checking into the building and sends a message to the correct business that their visitor is waiting for them in reception.

The elegant furniture selected by the interior design team are complemented by a wonderful piece of artwork on the wall facing the front doors. A professional photograph taken before digital photography was an option has been digitised and enlarged and gives a timeless and dynamic presence to the space.

The Longo seating provides comfortable and relaxed seating whilst minimising the frame work required to support and this helps to maintain the light and airy feel.

To one side of the roof atrium there are a selection of coffee tables and chairs that offer a range of seating choices. With an elegant fusion of timber and solid colours in combination with the flooring detail, this is a space where visitors and staff are happy to linger, mingle and swap experiences and ideas over a cup of cappuccino.

A bookable meeting room is also provided within the space with a Verco DNA table and cantilever frame meeting armchairs.

The first tenant is already installed and BC Technologies selected Amos Beech to provide them with modern office furniture and Wilkhahn ON 3D task chairs.

The result achieved is reflective of this exciting and tech driven computing firm with a bright and funky office space that offers the staff an ideal working environment alongside the shared space the other side of their office door.



Amos Beech were chosen to partner as the fit out and furniture provider for a new office block constructed for BP in Grangemouth.

Fit out and furniture

Intelligent space solutions were provided for the office that included tea prep areas on both floors and sufficient working space for 200 engineers and other office workers.

Raised access floors were installed on all floors by the our fit out team as well as carpeting and partitions.  The raised access floors allow for a highly flexible space planning

Bench desking was installed with cable management providing full containment from the floor box to the desk top.

Mesh back task chairs with height adjustable arms were provided for each workstation position and an under-desk mobile pedestal (set of lockable drawers).

Separate break-out and mess rooms were provided as well as changing facilities and clean/dirty locker units with changing benches.

This facility has been designed to provide a temporary office facility to house engineers and construction professionals whilst they design and build a new combined heat and power station for BP’s oil and gas facilities in Kinneil, Central Scotland.

The furniture supplied meets with the tight budgetry constraints that this construction project required whilst retaining a high quality feel space solutions and a robust product that will continue to look good for many years to come.



The Law Society Scotland were moving to new open plan offices in Edinburgh next to the EICC and were keen to provide a state of the art venue with conference furniture for its staff, members and visitors.

Following consultation with Simon Laird Architects, Simon pointed them in the direction of Amos Beech to view the often copied but never matched Confair table system by Wilkhahn. Confair is a large format conference table system that can be fully integrated with the very latest technology whilst discretely hiding cables to ensure the appearance is never compromised. Understandably, they immediately saw the benefits which include single person operation and very compact storage. The design team helped them select their finishes and the tables were brilliantly set off with the Casala Lynx chair which provided them with a multi-use chair suitable for both Conference and Theatre style seating.

The conference chairs have a very clever frame design that allows linking to take place within the frame and without any additional securing points – this ingenious design allows for rapid deployment and change which was very important due to the multi-function use of the space.

Credenza storage from UK office furniture manufacturer Verco was selected as having the right blend of functionality and solid wood detailing that complemented the high quality table system. These are available in a variety of widths and in this case were specified at 1000mm wide.

Side conference rooms were similarly specified and the result is an oasis of business like calm and understated elegance which provides the Law Society with the right level of ambience and longevity.



It was not only the staff at Diageo in Elgin that was excited to see their shop re-opened, also here at Amos Beech we very much looking forward to seeing the final result of the fit out job we did in the Highlands of Scotland.


The challenges that this fit out brief included were tight timescales, budgets and a financial year end to boot! This was a project that had spent some time in the ‘pending’ file of another contractor and Amos Beech were called in to offer a realistic alternative that could actually be delivered on time and in budget.

The Amos Beech interior design team went to work with a will; an opportunity to transform what was a dull and dated staff sales shop into something more inspiring was a chance indeed. Using their creative skills in conjunction with Roy James and his knowledge of construction methods in timber products the interior design team were able to design an environment that reflected the brief we were given. There was a strong appetite for curved surfaces and an organic feel to the interior. This was something that had been proposed before but the associated costs meant that there was no way it could have gone ahead given the budget available.

Curves in manufacturing cost money, so we used some ingenious methods to present a curved appearance without moving away from the constraints of 2D manufacturing techniques.

By combining these ideas with the clever use of LED backlighting and along with glass we have successfully transformed the environment and the official re-opening was extremely well attended by both present and past employees.

Finishes include polished copper to reflect the distilling heritage. Light has been borrowed from the adjacent reception through the creation of a large display case with glass on both sides and this now is home to some premium brand products that we would all love to be able to afford!

The end result of this fit out project is a bright airy interior with plenty of circulation space whilst providing sufficient shelf space to hold all stock as the idea was to do away with the stock room. This reduced double handling and means that stock takes are now much more easy to do with everything in one place. This is a reflection of the Amos Beech approach to design – nothing is there without a reason and everything is designed to improve the way our clients’ business works.



Yates & Co are a proactive and growing firm of accountants and had outgrown their central Scotland office. Working with the Amos Beech interior design and build team, they identified 2 possible locations and carried initial space planning and costing exercises.

The decision to move to the Gateway Business Park in Falkirk was taken on a range of criteria including proximity to the motorway, ample parking and a bright 1st floor office space that leant itself to the modern corporate look that David Yates and his team were keen to achieve.

As a workplace consultancy were engaged to provide a full design and build service for the fit-out and the interior design team got to work, planning the space, creating a colour palette using the new branding that was being adopted as part of the move and integrating all of the office functions into a cohesive and pleasant environment.


Yates & Co were able to make full advantage of the range of services offered by Amos Beech because they engaged us very early in the process. By integrating the interior design and graphic design/branding from project inception, we were able to create and fit out an office that reflects the company values and provides the right sort of welcome to their client base.  Staff were given thought and consideration to the way they work and how they interact with one another and with clients.

Floorcoverings and wall finishes were all integrated into the overall scheme with thought given to appearance retention, wear ability and ease of maintenance. A unique 3D printed wall paper was used to create a special effect in the entrance atrium which will be a conversation point for sure.


Key to the scheme was provision for future growth without having an impact on the aesthetics. Whilst larger space was available in other locations, the benefits that the chosen office provided outweighed the larger option and the Amos Beech interior design and build team were able to demonstrate their skills in coming up with an option that didn’t compromise yet allows for additional staff to be integrated as the business grows and hires.


Amos Beech provided a subtle balance of quality furniture whilst keeping a close eye on cost and without making too much of a statement. The blend of textures and finishes expertly combine to create an ambiance of solid dependable quality that accurately matched the brand and company ethos that Yates & Co have established over their years in business.
Samuel Bruce TeamTable bench desking combines with elegant mesh back task chairs and dual monitor arms to create an ergonomic and highly functional working environment.

Break-out and meeting spaces have all been carefully considered to provide the right kind of interactions which improve communication and business performance.



The Kelpies have quickly established themselves as a premium go to tourist destination for Scottish Staycationers and Vacationers alike. In order to maximise this potential Falkirk Council commissioned Nichol Russell Studios to design a Restaurant and Visitor Centre.


Amos Beech approached the design team and presented a range of restaurant furniture that provided the desired comfort levels (don’t stay all day) whilst complimenting the interior design scheme which was all about wood and sustainability.

Following a competitive bid, Amos Beech were appointed to provide the restaurant furniture and installed a selection of poseur height, dining height and coffee tables along with high stools, dining chairs and soft seating.

The space retains it open views to the Kelpies from wherever you dine due to the tiered seating plan and the ambience is complimented by the timber finishes on the chairs.

The high volume of visitors means that the space is in constant demand and the if you are thinking of visiting, why not pop round and see us – we are located less than 1km from the park entrance!



Our client identified a need for additional call centre capacity in Glasgow and requested our assistance to help them identify and secure the space that met their specific requirements. This included the space to have a large emergency generator installed on site and sufficient space for 600 staff and a training facility within the constraints of their business model which relies on income generated from seating capacity that is sold to their customers. Along with this, they had identified that their staff retention was too high and they were keen to develop an interior design that would inspire their staff and create a place where they wanted to come and work as well as relax and network with their colleagues.

A fantastic building was selected and we set about designing the entire space where the scope of works included full interior design and building warrant preparation, HVAC, electrical, data, comms rooms, plumbing, washrooms, floorcoverings, partitions, lighting, office furniture, soft seating and graphics.

Interior design Glasgow

A key component to getting this project on track and completed within the required timeframe was our Visualisation skills. Our interior design team created the entire space in virtual 3D and populated this with a complete interior scheme. The detail for this extended right through to branding, flooring details and window manifestation. This hugely assisted our client as it enable them to walk through their own offices, see how furniture was laid out and get an all-encompassing overview of the branding. When handover was made, they already knew their way around.

Interior design and office fit out Glasgow

Our client’s customers are now occupying the space and the feedback has been exceptional including remarks that the environment is better than their own head office space. In addition to this both the building manager and the building owner admitted that they were concerned that a call centre was being developed in their building but the end result far exceeded their expectations and they are proudly showing it off to other potential tenants.



When Orchard Information Services took the decision to move their offices from the Technopole in Newcastle they turned to Amos Beech again for workplace consultancy regarding the interior design and fit-out of their new office interiors.

Integral to this was their desire to move their existing workstations which had been supplied by Amos Beech previously and complement them with a bench desk system that would manage the large volume of data and electrical cabling that their development teams needed.

Using Samuel Bruce TeamTable as a starting point and developing a specific product that met the needs of Orchard was all in a days work for the product design team. By utilising the unit construction of the system a solution was developed that allows all sides of the bench to be worked from without intrusion from legs, support rails or cable management.

All data and power is perfectly integrated beneath the desk and an on desk grommet offering power and USB charging points make it extremely easy for staff to stay connected without the usual tangle of cables.

The scheme isn’t just about desks and task chairs – in todays ‘smart office’ break-out spaces and meeting booths all form an integral part of a ‘knowledge business’ and Orchard has plenty. Fully enabled with power and data points, staff can choose where they work and who they are working with. Flexibility and communication along with a relaxed homely feel to the office interiors makes this space so much more than a workplace. Maybe even a home from home – although the staff might never admit that too readily to their partners who wish they would spend more time at home!