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Design and Build our Team @AmosBeech

Design and Build our Team @AmosBeech

At Amos Beech in Scotland we Design and Build commercial interiors and furnish them. We pride ourselves that our design solutions exceed customer expectations and that we finish each project on time and within budget. This is not always easy, but with our team we manage to achieve customers goals again and again. To be able to rethink, restructure and redesign office interiors we also work on the continuous development of our staff and on how we work together. So on the first of August we set off to BlueSky Experiences in Perthshire. As this is an official Scottish public holiday (harvest day) we thought that we should be guaranteed to have good weather.

Team building

In the capable hands of Iain McPhee and his colleagues James and Mike we were led to believe that our flight to Los Angeles had to make an emergency landing within dense woodland in Scotland. Our team was split up into three and we had to regroup and together, find clues hidden in the woodland to be able to contact the emergency services. Before we set of in blacked out Land Rovers, Iain gave us a crash course on communication; the characteristics of high performing teams, leadership and the different roles team members have within a team.

In our group the real leadership quickly surfaced:

As we all have great confidence in the sense of direction that our interior design manager puts into her work, we followed her in humble acceptance.  By navigating our way through fields and forest we learned about communication within our team and interaction. Unfortunately this didn't prevent us from getting lost:

When the going gets tough, the tough get going and that's where great teamwork fell into place!  Other team members with a bit more sense of direction stepped in, formulated a plan and got us back on track:

This plan allowed the team to navigate out of the dense woodland to a site of sanctuary where three daring team members climbed the tallest tree to look out and find clues. Others created shelters and fires with natural materials, testing their bush skills:

Because carnage or not, we Brits need our cup of tea, whatever the circumstances!

The real adventurous types got on with the job of climbing the look-out post and getting the final instructions to locate the ballistic signalling device.

They felt confident that their other team members were there for them to provide safety and encouragement.

Design and Build

Eventually we had to put our brains together for some number crunching before we could get on with designing, building (design and build again?) and launching our signalling rocket. This is where the accounts department suddenly stepped in and proved their skill once again:).

Harnessing the skills of all the individuals once more for the common good. Clear communication, the formulation of a plan, the ability to react to the circumstances and the successful sharing of knowledge and expertise ultimately lead to the launch of the rocket:

Apart from the learning experience, it was above all good fun! Working together with your colleagues outside our own office interiors and venturing into the outdoors of rural Perthshire Scotland, was both useful and a treat.

Thanks to Grant for all the organisation that made this such a great team day out.

Looking back on # DesignPopUp 2016

Looking back on # DesignPopUp 2016

As we near the end of our inaugural participation in Double S Events' DesignPopUp, Glasgow, we can already say with confidence that it has been a great occasion!  The Amos Beech team all thoroughly enjoyed it, especially the Parmesan and Prosecco evening, of course. (According to one of our team members Parma cheese is actually Dutch cheese with a little bit of Parma treatment, as is Parma ham he reckons, but we tend not to take him too seriously).

A sparkling welcome!

DesignPopUp @The Briggait

Sara and her team pulled off a great event again at The Briggait in Glasgow’s Merchant City.  A wonderful building with an abundance of natural light. It is a rare luxury to have an exhibition in a hall where you see the colours and surfaces of furnishings and textiles changing along with the time of the day.

The Briggait was the city’s fish market for over 100 years, fortunately is was just the incredible Parmesan that touched our senses.

Our stand

The acoustic panels from Friends of Wilson we displayed drew great interest from the visitors.  No wonder, they looked brilliant on the stand and they will contribute to an inspiring and relaxed office environment anywhere they're installed. Friends of Wilson architectural panels enhance interiors whilst reducing unwanted sound.

Iconic Soft Seating

One of the manufacturers we are showcasing on this year's DesignPopUp is Actiu from whom we have pieces from 3 different ranges: Badminton, Prisma & Longo.

Badminton (above) is a kind of throne that impresses with its size and shape and envelopes the user with comforting acoustic prowess.  It has a wide range of design possibilities thanks to the ability to select different colours, textures and finishes of both the shell and interior.  "The Badminton easy chair is pure concept.  It represents our strong commitment to sophistication, captured in a striking, immersive piece with a completely innovative design and architecture." Javier Cunado.

Prisma's finishes evoke a Scandinavian style, characterised by clean lines. Outwardly it hides complexity in its structure.  The junction of its top and legs, in a pyramidal shape, give the appearance of a single piece.  Elegance and minimalism merge in this range addressing today's work-spaces with warmth and distinction.

Longo (below) designed by Ramos & Bassols, is a system capable of taking your work level to the desired point that it fuses soft seating with the office using a platform from a robust structure but with a light aspect. Longo is a modular system consisting of sofas, operative and managerial desks with storage solutions to integrate too.  It stems from a solid extruded aluminium structure on which we attach the cast iron legs... the possibilities are endless. Longo is robust and robust it needs to be as we are always on the move:

An exciting element of the Parmesan and Prosecco evening was the arrival of the acrobats from Aerial Edge, also based at the Briggait, who we engaged to perform in true Actiu style.

Obviously only moving images can do justice to their performance:

Wilkhahn Trimension Taskseating

Talking about movement, you may have had a demonstration of the WilkhahnIN® chair? If not, don't worry below you can see the idea behind it:

If you have put your business card into the big glass bowl then you may even have won it, so watch this space! We will announce the winner within the next two weeks.


Besides all the great design and products that were exhibited on #DesignPopUp 2016, it was above all a great event to meet colleagues, friends and industry peers. Business is all about people at the end of the day, so we gave our photographer the brief to capture human interaction:

If you click on the photo above, you will get access to all the photos.

Looking forward to seeing you all next year!

What makes space work for your staff?

What makes space work for your staff?

Have you ever noticed how interior design defines your perception of space?

Probably not unless you happen to come from the industry and critique subconsciously everywhere you go!

Well, it may come as some surprise to know that the image we see enters our visual cortex and if it interests our subconscious by providing one of just 4 or a combination of some of the 4 basic human survival instincts then we relate to it without even noticing.

Prospect | Refuge | Mystery | Risk

These scenarios are often cleverly designed into interiors that you remember well and enjoy returning to. Does your favourite restaurant achieve your accolades without a sense of welcome/prospect when you arrive and a sense of peace and refuge whilst you eat?

The reality means that by using this knowledge and integrating combinations of these scenarios into commercial interior schemes, we can actually improve employee engagement, job satisfaction and productivity.

Contact us to find out how we can achieve inspiring results for your next office interior or how we can develop your existing office to immerse your staff in engaging, secure environments that foster efforts to disrupt your market space and take you to the next level.