Workplace consultants Amos Beech have launched a revolutionary new app for people to plan their agile working day.

The iOt Space app is a workspace reservation solution to manage flexible workspace environments.

Amos Beech launches revolutionary new office Agile Working app into the UK market

The iOt Space app is a workspace reservation solution to manage flexible workspace environments. Benefits to companies range from reducing employers’ heating and cleaning costs to increasing staff productivity, efficiency and wellbeing in the workplace.


Using a colour-coded system, at the touch of a button you can find your workspace and colleagues, make unoccupied and hidden workspaces visible, have one solution for meeting rooms and workplaces and be up and running within just one week. The ideal solution for agile working and helps your workplace o turn into a truly smart office!

The device shows real-time availability for each workspace and the beauty is you can occupy a workspace on the spot or book in advance from home so gone are the days of over-booking or embarrassment when you can’t find a free desk in a busy room full of workers you may not know. 

iOt Space uses colours to show if workspaces are free (green), reserved (blue) or occupied (red). In the app on the phone it is also visible to who is using what workspace so workers can see availability and at what times.

The iOt Space agile working app features:

  • Finding and booking workspaces

  • Search colleagues

  • Privacy: only share what you want to share, data deleted after 23:59h

  • LED badges easily identified by different colours

  • Support team assistance.

For more information click here: AGILE WORKING

Agile working is innovative, different and cost-effective flexible working so workers can choose to work where, when and how they want in a more sociable inter-active office.

Amos Beech is a leading Interior Design, Fit Out and Furniture company based in the Scottish Central Belt. Amos Beech offers the iOt Space solution as an integral part of its Samuel Bruce furniture range or as a retrofit option.