And now it is finally here, our company video! On quality, on budget and sort of on-time... About a year ago we started filming the first scenes. We have filmed in Edinburgh, Stirling, Falkirk, London and Castalla Spain. We've had snow, rain and even managed to get sunburnt ! Our film crew struggled with the Scottish accent in a lunchroom in Bannockburn. Some Amos Beech team members really felt foreign when they had to order food from a menu in the Spanish language and ate things that they didn't actually ask for. I suppose the funniest anecdote was trying to order a traditional British breakfast tea and then a confused waiter delivering a coffee with a tea bag in it! Seriously?

Anyway, a lot of hard work has been put in to produce this video, or video's, as we have four of them! Hard work, not just by the production team but certainly by the 'actors'. We also couldn't have been successful without the massive help we got from our clients, suppliers, local businesses, members of the public and the staff here at Amos Beech.

Rethink, restructure and redesign your working environment

But although we have put great effort into producing this video and had lots of fun along the way, it is not about us.

It’s about your business & your goals! From that perspective our objective is clear:

It’s to rethink the creation of your brand in the built environment;

It’s to restructure your space by embracing new ways of working, collaboration & communication;

and it’s to redesign your working environment so that it works just as hard as you do.

That’s what your journey with us is all about!

What we do

Workplace Consultancy

"The solutions we present following the fact finding missions are inevitably on point, relevant and appreciated for their true value by our clients"

Interior Design

"An interest in the design and origin of every piece of furniture. We take the time to carefully research each and every project, making sure that the end result is exactly as it should be – right for the client"

Fit Out

"Projects are completed on time, on budget and on quality"


A great thank you to all who have helped us to create this video!

Clients, suppliers and locations



  • Iris Media, Raalte

  • All Talent Agency, Glasgow

The making of:

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