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Office Fit Out Furniture, Scotland Food & Drink, Edinburgh

Office Fit Out Furniture, Scotland Food & Drink, Edinburgh

OK it is fair to say that the team here a Amos Beech only contribute a little to the success of the Scottish Food and Drink Industry, but we certainly do our best, some more than others. After all we spend a lot of their time rolling out projects, like this office fit out and furniture project in Edinburgh for Scotland Food and Drink.

Office fit out and furniture Edinburgh

Amos Beech were approached by Scotland Food & Drink to assist them with a feasibility study and provide some budget costs as they assessed whether they would be able to move from their tired and outgrown offices within the Royal Highland Showground in Edinburgh.

Scotland Food & Drink, was created in 2007  to guide food and drink companies of all sizes towards increased profitability. The mission of this non profit organisation is to grow the industry to a value of £30 billion by 2030 and expand Scotland's international reputation as a Land of Food and Drink.

And the best way to explain this industry is not by written words, but by spoken words straight from the experts:

Those involved in the food and drink industry in Scotland share their three words for describing our produce.

Scotland Food & Drink represent food & drink manufacturers on a Global scale and were seeking to create an environment that reflected their international reach and celebrated everything that their members are so passionate about.

Scotland is a world leading producer of many and varied products from Arbroath Smokies to Whisky and everything in between. 

Accordingly, they needed an office environment that would allow their staff to thrive and certainly be a big improvement on where they started out. Their previous offices had long since been outgrown and very little had been invested in the interior which meant that the staff were all looking forward to a fresh, vibrant and inspirational new office space in Edinburgh.

Ratho Park Edinburgh was chosen as the new location, primarily for its close proximity to Edinburgh Airport and its excellent links to the global market as well as offering the team easy access and very little change to their daily commute in time or distance.

As ever, budgets were being watched very carefully and the initial design requests had to be tempered with the reality.  Our design team worked closely with our Quantity Surveyors and were able to make the very best use of the available funds.

As is often the case, once we were ‘on project’ the senior management team realised that for a small amount of overspend, a much-improved interior could be created and authorised the additional work.

The result is a remarkable one and reflects the vibrancy that is Scotland Food & Drink, on the one hand inspirational and top quality but with a serious side that shows that you get more for your money when you use your head and your heart!

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Scotland food drink edinburgh.jpg

Publication date: August 28th, 2018

Text & Images: Vincent Hartman

Interior Design and Fit Out Staff Shop Diageo Blythswood, Renfrew

Interior Design and Fit Out Staff Shop Diageo Blythswood, Renfrew

For nearly 50 years there has been warehousing, coopering, blending and bottling facilities on the 31-acre site of Diageo at Blythswood near Renfrew. One of the perks of working for Diageo (also for contractors:) is the existence off staff shops and Amos Beech just completed the design and the fit out. 

Interior design and Fit Out Staff Shop Diageo Blythswood, Renfrew

It was fair to say that there was a bit of work to do to transform the shop from  this:

Roy and Flora on the initial site visit

Into something more like this:

In line with the staff shop we fitted out in Elgin we redesigned and refurbished the shop in Renfrew, this time with a local touch. An image of Renfrew town centre taken by one of Diageo's members of staff was edited by interior designer Flora Hogg into nice graphics behind the counter.

Date of publication: June 22nd 2018

Text: Kit-Har McLaughlin

Photography: Photographer Glasgow



It was not only the staff at Diageo in Elgin that was excited to see their shop re-opened, also here at Amos Beech we very much looking forward to seeing the final result of the fit out job we did in the Highlands of Scotland.


The challenges that this fit out brief included were tight timescales, budgets and a financial year end to boot! This was a project that had spent some time in the ‘pending’ file of another contractor and Amos Beech were called in to offer a realistic alternative that could actually be delivered on time and in budget.

The Amos Beech interior design team went to work with a will; an opportunity to transform what was a dull and dated staff sales shop into something more inspiring was a chance indeed. Using their creative skills in conjunction with Roy James and his knowledge of construction methods in timber products the interior design team were able to design an environment that reflected the brief we were given. There was a strong appetite for curved surfaces and an organic feel to the interior. This was something that had been proposed before but the associated costs meant that there was no way it could have gone ahead given the budget available.

Curves in manufacturing cost money, so we used some ingenious methods to present a curved appearance without moving away from the constraints of 2D manufacturing techniques.

By combining these ideas with the clever use of LED backlighting and along with glass we have successfully transformed the environment and the official re-opening was extremely well attended by both present and past employees.

Finishes include polished copper to reflect the distilling heritage. Light has been borrowed from the adjacent reception through the creation of a large display case with glass on both sides and this is now home to some premium brand products that we would all love to be able to afford!

The end result of this fit out project is a bright airy interior with plenty of circulation space whilst providing sufficient shelf space to hold all stock as the idea was to do away with the stock room. This reduced double handling and means that stock takes are now much more easy to do with everything in one place. This is a reflection of the Amos Beech approach to interior design – nothing is there without a reason and everything is designed to improve the way our clients’ business works.

Publication date: September 8th, 2016

Text: Deborah McAulay

Images: Photographer Scotland



The Kelpies have quickly established themselves as a premium go to tourist destination for Scottish Staycationers and Vacationers alike. In order to maximise this potential Falkirk Council commissioned Nichol Russell Studios to design a Restaurant and Visitor Centre.


Amos Beech approached the design team and presented a range of restaurant furniture that provided the desired comfort levels (don’t stay all day) whilst complimenting the interior design scheme which was all about wood and sustainability.

Following a competitive bid, Amos Beech were appointed to provide the restaurant furniture and installed a selection of poseur height, dining height and coffee tables along with high stools, dining chairs and soft seating.

The space retains it open views to the Kelpies from wherever you dine due to the tiered seating plan and the ambience is complimented by the timber finishes on the chairs.

The high volume of visitors means that the space is in constant demand and the if you are thinking of visiting, why not pop round and see us – we are located less than 1km from the park entrance!

Publication date: May 11th, 2016

Text: OskarJames

Images by Photographer Falkirk