Do you find it hard to get the perfect office space in Glasgow?

We get it!

We’ve been working on refurbishing office spaces in Glasgow and helping our clients with all their architectural office needs for years now. So we understand very well why it may be a challenge to find the perfect space that fits both your needs and your budget.

Need help with the ideal Glasgow office space? We can help you with fit out, design, refurbishment, furniture solutions and more. Let’s talk!

Some of the reasons why you may be experiencing such a hard time finding the ideal place for your company are:

1.       Competition

Glasgow was one of the top 15 cities in the UK for startup and small business growth in 2018. In other words: there are hundreds of companies facing the same issues you are

2.       Digital Transformation on the Rise

The technology sector in Scotland has been booming lately. And experts see no end in sight for this trend. The more tech companies open in Glasgow, the higher the demand for high-end office for rent in Glasgow.

3.       Limited Supply of Office Space in Glasgow

2018 has seen a record number of giant lettings of Grade A office spaces. Consequently, the vacancy rate for spaces in the city centre has reached an all-time low of 9,9%.

However, in spite of the encouraging market climate, the development of new office spaces in Glasgow hasn’t grown in the past three years. And it looks like it’s going to stay this way for a while.

This makes refurbishment and re-design of office spaces all over the city a much more affordable and within reach solution for Glasgow companies of all sizes. But do bear in mind that there is a high competition of top-quality refurbished offices, too.

Grade B listed office space at 2-4 Blythswood Square in Glasgow’s city centre

4.       New Office Development Happening in the Future

You may need an office space right now, but the biggest companies in the field only have plans for opening up brand-new spaces in 2020. This is a relatively optimistic view, given the typical time it takes for a new construction to be ready to welcome new tenants.

In 2018, only 257,000 square feet of speculative space was under construction. This includes refurbished spaces, too.

There is also some positive news specifically for the Glasgow Area: “The Ink Building, formerly known as Hanover House at the junction of Cadogan Street and Douglas Street, is expected to be completed by March next year”

In addition to that there are new developments planned to be completed in 2021 on Cadogan Street as well as on the corner of Argyle Street and York Street:

5.       Prices on the Rise

Given all of the above, it’s only natural that rental prices for office space in Glasgow are on the rise. You can expect to pay more and more each year for every square foot.

The average prime rent price in Glasgow was £29.50 per square foot in 2018. And, even though it had remained unchanged for the past two years, it is expected to grow past £32 this year.

Not sure whether you should be searching for a new office space in Glasgow or refurbish your existing one? Our experts in office fit out, real estate, architecture and interior design can advise you on the best choice for your budget and your needs.

High profile Grade A Office with restaurant space on the Ground floor in the heart of Glasgow. George House is located on the north side of George Square, between North Frederick and North Hanover Street, at the very heart of Glasgow City Centre.

How to Make Sure You Get the Right Office Space in Glasgow

We know that choosing the right space for you and your team can be a tall order, irrespective of your budget. And, who knows, you may already be in the right place, which you can turn into the perfect space with the right refurbishment or re-design services.

One thing is clear: in today’s Glasgow commercial real estate market, you can’t really afford not to make the right choice.

Take a look at our quick survey below. Answer these questions truthfully and you’ll be one giant step closer to understanding your office space needs and making the right decision:

1.       What Transportation Facilities Do Your Employees Need?

Take into account the road network and public transportation here. It’s a good idea to survey your employees and find out if they drive to work, use a bike, or public transportation.

Depending on what the majority chooses, you may need to provision enough parking spaces, bike racks or make sure your new office space is within walking distance from public transportation.

2.       Where Should Your Office Space Be?

Glasgow offers options for both offices spaces in the old and new city centre. Or perhaps you need an office space in the industrial part of Glasgow?

Take into account where most of your employees live, but also the client meetings you plan to hold at your new headquarters.

3.       What Type of Glasgow Office Space Do You Need?

There are three main classes of office spaces:

Class A: this is the best office space you can hope for. It will typically be situated in a great-looking building, with amazing infrastructure all-around, great facilities, easy access and a great position. In a nutshell: you couldn’t with for more, but it will come with at a steep price.

Class B: these buildings are usually a bit older. However, they still have great facilities and management. Class B buildings are a great investment: you can scale them up to type A with a few simple façade and common areas improvements.

Class C: these office spaces are typically situated in not-so-desirable areas and they often need extensive renovations. They don’t shine from an architectural point of view, either and their infrastructure is rather obsolete. They are, though, the most affordable office spaces you can find in Glasgow.

The future office for your business? 30,977 sq ft Grade A office space available at Central Quay on the Clyde in Glasgow

4.       Is Broadband Fast Enough for You?

If you’re looking for an office space in Glasgow for a tech company, you will probably answer “no” to the question above. Keep in mind that fibre optic hasn’t been deployed all over Scotland yet and you may be unlucky enough to get an office space in one of the few Glasgow buildings that are still running on broadband.

5.       What Type of Layout Do You Need?

Will it be an open plan? Or individual offices? Or maybe a combination of the two? How about agile working – do you plan to implement it into your company culture? Will you opt for cubicals, fixed or mobile desks?

Maxim Office Park, Parklands Ave, alongside Scotland’s M8 motorway Glasgow

Complete Solutions for Your Glasgow Office Space

Most business owners in Glasgow try finding their new office space on their own and only then contact an architect or a fit out specialist.

Seems like the obvious path, right?

Well, not exactly.

If you contract an office fit out specialist from the very beginning, they will be able to help you cut down on your costs and even choose the right Glasgow office space.

When a fit out team is involved from the very beginning, you know exactly how much the entire project is going to cost and you can start negotiations with suppliers early on. Plus, such companies usually have a steady relationship with furniture and construction materials suppliers, so they will be able to get you much better prices than you could get on your own.

At Amos Beech, we helped dozens of companies find and create the office space they needed, always within budget and within deadline.

Our multi-disciplinary team can help you with:

  • Office partitions of any kind

  • Access control

  • Window blinds and window glazing

  • IT comms rooms, data connectivity, IoT enablement, data cabling

  • Plumbing works – second fix plumbing, toilets and more

  • Carpeting and other floor coverings (stone, vinyl)

  • Second fix electrics, feature lighting and ceiling, electrical installations

  • Acoustic rafts, acoustic control

  • Minor building works, raised access floors with or without access panels for services

9 George Square is primely located in the heart of Glasgow's CBD. Adjacent to the City Chambers, immediate to Queen Street railway station and a few minutes walk from Glasgow Central station, Buchanan Street shopping, restaurant and leisure amenities and the Subway.

How Does it Work?

There is no one-size-fits-all when it comes to refurbishing or fitting out your Glasgow office space. Every company has unique needs and wants.

But you can surely use a rough estimate of the timeline:

  • Two months – the average timeframe you need to find an office space in Glasgow

  • Three months – figuring out legal issues related to the space

  • One month – preparation drawings by the fit out company

  • Three months (up to) – Council approval

*This is a rough estimate based on a company with 50-150 employees.

At Amos Beech, we always go above and beyond to make sure that your new office space is completed as fast as possible, without sacrificing quality.

Grade A office space in Glasgow, IngramStreet / HannoverStreet / QueenStreet. 110 Queen Street is a mixed-use development offering retail and office space totalling an impressive 224,000ft² encased within a concave façade of curtain wall glazing. It offers one of the best addresses in Glasgow’s central business district. It won the Scottish Property Awards in the Architectural Excellence Awards category (Commercial Buildings 2016).

Why Choose Us?

  • Vast experience: Amos Beech was founded in 1990 in Bristol, England and then relocated to Scotland in 1993, along with its founder. It’s been more than 30 years since we started to serve companies in need of stellar commercial interiors.

  • Multi-disciplinary team: we can handle complex projects seamlessly, so you don’t have to waste time working with 10 different contractors and experts.

  • Holistic approach: when you work with Amos Beech to fit out your new office space in Glasgow, you never have to wonder if the furniture you chose will fit in the new location or if you have enough sockets. We take the time to understand your business and your needs so that every aspect of your project fits into place.

  • Accreditations: Amos Beech is accredited for ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHSA 18001 by the British Assessment Bureau. For you, our client, this means that we are constantly improving our internal processes and our standards so you always get optimal results.

  • Proven track record: take a look at what some of our clients have to say about working with Amos Beech for their offices space in Glasgow:

Want to move into the perfect Glasgow office space quickly and painlessly? Whether this means refurbishment or relocation, we’ve got you covered!