Like many large cities across the UK in general and Scotland in particular, Edinburgh faces a commercial property shortage. So what are you to do when you need an office space in Edinburgh that fits both your needs and your budget?

Find out the exact steps from our Edinburgh office space specialists.

Why Is it Hard to Find the Right Office Space in Edinburgh (and What to Do About it)

If you tried to rent a new office space in Edinburgh, then you already know it’s not the easiest task, especially if you aim for a certain area of the city and a certain type of space. Some of the reasons why this is happening are:

1.       An Increased Number of New Businesses and Old Businesses that Are Expanding

Overall, this is a good thing. More and more companies are thriving in Edinburgh, which means the economy is going great.

What’s not going so great is finding an affordable office space in Edinburgh.

2.       Edinburgh Is Scotland’s Political, Financial and Educational Centre

This is only natural, since it’s the country’s capital. But aside from housing the Parliament, Edinburgh also hosts flourishing scientific, educational and technological communities. All of them need office spaces, which makes the competition even fiercer.

Furthermore, for the first time there is an industry that surpasses the financial and banking one in terms of office space demand: the creative industry, which has been on the rise since 2010.

3.       Prices Are Still Moving up

Given the need for new office spaces in Edinburgh, it’s no wonder that the prices continue to go up. This is by no means a new trend, nor is it poised to change any time soon.

Since 2019, commercial space rent prices have gone up by 19% and they are expected to reach an all-time high of £35 per square foot during 2019.

And tourism has an effect as well:

4.       Few Opportunities for New Developments

The city of Edinburgh seems to have reached its maximum capacity for new offices development. As such, it appears that the issue will not be solved in the near future.

How Can You Get an Office Space in Edinburgh if there Are Virtually None Left?

You have a few options:

  • Wait for the right time to make the move

  • Sign a lease well in advance (even years before the current tenant moves out), but that means money out of pocket without immediate ROI

  • Refurbish your current space to accommodate your needs

  • Hire a fit out company before you find a new office space in order to shorten the process of moving considerably.

Need help with your office refurbishment or fit out? We have years of experience working with Edinburgh companies and helping them navigate the commercial space crisis.

How to Choose the Perfect Edinburgh Office Space

The fact that there’s high competition for prime office space in Edinburgh doesn’t mean that you should settle for a less than ideal situation. The experts at Amos Beech can help you figure out exactly what you have to look for.

Need a phone or in-person consultation? We’re happy to help! Call or drop us a line any time!

Let’s start with the basics:

1.       What Type of Edinburgh Office Space Do You Need?

There are three main classes of Edinburgh office spaces:

  • Class A offices: expect amazing infrastructure, great transportation links, great management of the building, prime location and great facilities. Of course, this is the most expensive option

  • Class B offices: you can expect a good location, but an older building. With a few common space improvements and façade renovations, you can easily turn a class B office into a class A one.

  • Class C offices: they are the cheapest ones you can find. However, this means that the location is less than ideal, there aren’t too many transportation options, access is hard, the building is rather old and obsolete and they need considerable renovations.

2.       How Will Your Staff Get to Work?

An employee survey can help you find out which office class and which facilities should you look for. Sometimes, there is no point in overpaying for a building with facilities that none of your employees will use.

So, before you go office space hunting, find out if your employees drive, ride the bike or use public transportation to get to the office. This way, you’ll know if you need to provision for bike racks or parking spots or ensure that you are close to several public transport lines.

3.       What Is the Ideal Area for your Edinburgh Office Space?

Is the industrial area of the city a right fit for your team and your visiting clients? Or perhaps the city centre would fit your needs better?

4.       What Layout Will Your New Office Space Have?

You have several options:

  • Open space

  • Individual offices

  • A combination of open space and individual offices

  • Cubicals

  • Fixed or mobile desks

Take your company culture into account here. You may need to provision for agile working, which means more flexibility, but also less wasted space.

5.       Do You Need Fibre Optic Internet Access?

Fibre optic hasn’t been deployed all over Scotland yet. In certain areas of Edinburgh you will have to make do with broadband. Be sure to ask the building manager what kind of internet access they offer before you sign a lease.

Not sure how to answer all these questions? We can help you! Talk to our office fit out and refurbishment experts today to make sure you get the office space you truly need.

Complete Solutions for Your Office Space in Edinburgh

Planning to wait until you find the perfect office space to contract a fit out or refurbishment company? Perhaps you should rethink it.

In our decades of working with Edinburgh companies, we have learned that contracting fit out experts early on is, without a doubt, the best choice. Here’s why:

  • You save money: you will typically work with a lot of different companies with expertise in different fields in every stage of your moving or refurbishment process. This will eat up a lot of money in fees. When you work with Amos Beech, you get a holistic approach on a considerably smaller budget.

  • You save time: you don’t have to “guesstimate” things on your own. Our experts can do this for you. At Amos Beech, we know that time is of the essence, so we always complete project within the agreed deadline. This rarely happens when you hire experts and contractors belonging to more than one company.

  • You know everything fits right into place: we don’t cut corners when it comes to quality and we always make sure the solutions we recommend are the best in terms of ROI and usability. With Amos Beech, you don’t have to worry that you don’t have enough sockets or that the furniture you chose clashes with the flooring.

Need more reasons to pick up the phone and call us? Here are a few of the things we can take off your plate:

  • Any type of office partitions

  • Window glazing

  • Window blinds

  • Access control systems

  • Flooring – carpeting and other types of coverings like vinyl or stone

  • Plumbing works

  • iOt enablement, data cabling and connectivity, IT communications rooms set up

  • Electrical installations, second fix electrics, feature lighting and ceiling

  • Acoustic control and acoustic rafts

  • Various other minor building works

Office refurbishment for Traverse Theatre Edinburgh

How Does it Work?

At Amos Beech, we understand every business is unique and has unique needs when it comes to their Edinburgh office space. So each project we undertake is custom-planned and executed to fit those exact needs in the shortest possible time and within the set budget.

However, there are some rough estimates you can use as guidelines:

  • Finding an office space in Edinburgh will take roughly two months

  • Solving the legal issues related to that space will take approximately three months

  • Preparation of the drawings by Amos Beech will typically take around one month

  • Getting Council approval will take up to three months.

*These estimates are based on the typical needs of a company with 50-150 staff.

Need a personalised timeline? We’re happy to create it for you!

Why Choose Amos Beech for All Your Edinburgh Office Space Needs?

  • We offer more than an office space: we know that the right space can build brands, motivate employees, reduce costs and improve wellbeing. Each of our projects delivers all these and much more.

  • We have a vast background in refurbishment and office fit out: while our story started in England, we have been in Scotland since 1993. We have decades of experience in delivering amazing commercial interiors.

  • We are accredited: Amos Beech has the ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHSA 18001 accreditations provided by the British Assessment Bureau. This is a reflection of our commitment to your safety and to high standards in everything we do.

  • Amos Beech has a multi-disciplinary team: when you work with us, you don’t have to separately handle architects, interior designers, plumbers and contractors. We are a single team and we make sure that everything works seamlessly from beginning to end.

You don’t have to take our word for any of the above. Take a look at the projects that we have realised for our customers:

Don’t make moving into your new office space in Edinburgh an endless project! Talk to our specialists today and cut the time and the budget significantly!