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When Orchard Information Services took the decision to move their offices from the Technopole in Newcastle they turned to Amos Beech again for workplace consultancy regarding the interior design and fit-out of their new office interiors.

Any office refurbishment and fit-out project in Newcastle has 4 steps:

1. Research

This is partly done by the client and partly done by the interior design team. Together, we have to answer a few questions.

What works for the office space and what doesn’t (based on the company’s needs and on those of the employees)? What are the space limitations (those perfect office chairs may be too big for some areas)? What is your long-term growth plan (scalability is very important)? How is technology helping or hampering the refurbishment and fit out?

2. Budgeting

Of course, office refurbishment costs per square metre vary a lot depending on what the client wants. The costs can be tweaked a lot, but there are some areas that are set in stone. The right Newcastle refurbishment company can help you identify the areas and item that leave wiggle room and get you the best costs without sacrificing the outcome.

The best results in terms of both outcome and budgets happen when you work closely together with your office refurbishment and fit-out specialists. They are part of your team and you have to trust them enough to know that your best outcome is their best outcome. Be honest about your budget and about your needs.

3. Project Plan

As soon as the details are agreed upon, the client receives the office fit out and refurbishment project plan. This document contains an outline of what the office will look like as soon as the work is completed.

Office refurbishment and fit-out Newcastle for Orchard

For the client, this is one of the last stages in which they can ask for changes without seriously affecting the final office refurbishment cost. In our project with Orchard, the project plan was the result of close collaboration, so we had minimal changes to make after the client review.

4. Building, Installations and Review

After the office refurbishment and fit-out specialists work their magic and everything is in place, the client is ready to move in. But this doesn’t mean that the work is done for the designers and technicians.

We always ask our clients to review the changes and tell us how they feel in their newly refurbished office. This way, it’s easy to deal with minor creases early on.

The entire process is, of course, more complicated. But these are the stages where the client is most involved.

Furniture and technology

Integral to this was their desire to move their existing workstations which had been supplied by Amos Beech previously and complement them with a bench desk system that would manage the large volume of data and electrical cabling that their development teams needed.

Using Samuel Bruce TeamTable as a starting point and developing a specific product that met the needs of Orchard Newcastle was all in a days work for the product design team. By utilising the unit construction of the system a solution was developed that allows all sides of the bench to be worked from without intrusion from legs, support rails or cable management.

All data and power is perfectly integrated beneath the desk and an on desk grommet offering power and USB charging points make it extremely easy for staff to stay connected without the usual tangle of cables.

Interior design, office fit-out and refurbishment Newcastle Upon Tyne 

The scheme isn’t just about desks and task chairs – in todays ‘smart office’ break-out spaces and meeting booths all form an integral part of a ‘knowledge business’ and Orchard Newcastle has plenty. Collaboration spaces are fully fitted with power and data points, staff can choose where they work and who they are working with. Flexibility and communication along with a relaxed homely feel to the office interiors makes this space in Newcastle so much more than a workplace. Maybe even a home from home – although the staff might never admit that too readily to their partners who wish they would spend more time at home!

Amos Beech: working with businesses in Newcastle Upon Tyne on a wide range of office fit out and refurbishment projects!

Publication date: March 21st 2016

Text: Roy James

Interior photography: Jill Tate

Office fit out and refurbishment, NEWCASTLE

Office fit out and refurbishment, NEWCASTLE

For Perfect Image in Newcastle, Amos Beech took care of the fit out and office refurbishment for their headquarters in Newcastle. Perfect Image are a Microsoft business partner and were rapidly outgrowing their existing office. After reviewing their options, they decided to move their office out of their central Newcastle location to a business park with better parking facilities out of town.

Of course, there is no better time to refurbish your office than when you change locations. Curious to find out what made this one of the most successful office refurbishment projects in Newcastle?

Read on and find out how our team at Amos Beech worked closely with the Perfect Image staff to learn about their needs and wants for their new office space, then implement them.

Office fit out and refurbishment Newcastle

This did require a certain amount of ‘selling’ to the staff and it was appreciated early on that a great interior scheme was needed. So, the search began for a company that would take the time to understand what was needed and deliver the goods.

While there are many office refurbishment companies in Newcastle, very few of them take the time to really understand the needs of their customers. Most of them will apply a “blueprint” that varies very little from project to project.

If you’re looking for office refurbishment that is truly in line with your brand values and your staff’s needs, you should never opt for a standard offer. Choose the company that takes the time to understand you and to design something brand-new, just for you.

This is what happened in our project with Perfect Image.

Office refurbishment Newcastle

Amos Beech were recommended to them by one of their neighbours in Newcastle for delivering a complete Interior Design, office refurbishment and office furniture project ahead of time and on budget.

Office refurbishment, fit-out and furniture Newcastle

Office refurbishment, fit-out and furniture Newcastle

Office refurbishment, fit-out and furniture Newcastle

Fiona and Roy visited their offices and interviewed the project team to gain the understanding needed along with the project scope. Following this a presentation was made and working with the project team this was fine tuned to a point where the office refurbishment could be signed off for construction.

(Smart wall & ceiling solutions were key in this office refurbishment Newcastle project)

Interior design and office refurbishment Newcastle

Perfect Image’s new Newcastle office encompasses everything that the management team required with a front-of-house area where clients are entertained and a highly functional back office with break-out areas, ad-hoc meeting spaces and a staff canteen.

The interior design uses the vibrant colour palette from Perfect Image’s branding and allows for distinctive wayfinding within the office.

A full scope of furniture was provided to complete the interior including a bespoke reception desk, break-out and meeting room furniture, café furniture, boardroom furniture, desks, task chairs and storage cabinets. The same vibrant colours were used to upholster the acoustic screens that are mounted between the banks of desks.

Check out the results of our office refurbishment in Newcastle for Perfect Image below:

Looking to spruce up your office or moving to a new location? Amos Beech are amongst the top office refurbishment specialists in Newcastle. We’re just a phone call or an email away.

Let’s talk and find out how we can make your office shine.

Publication date: Nov 23 2015

Text: Grant Ker

Photography: Kevin Gibson