The Law Society Scotland were moving to new open plan offices in Edinburgh next to the EICC and were keen to provide a state of the art venue with conference furniture for its staff, members and visitors.

Following consultation with Simon Laird Architects Edinburgh, Simon pointed them in the direction of Amos Beech to view the often copied but never matched Confair table system by Wilkhahn. Confair is a large format conference table system that can be fully integrated with the very latest technology whilst discretely hiding cables to ensure the appearance is never compromised. Understandably, they immediately saw the benefits which include single person operation and very compact storage. The design team helped them select their finishes and the tables were brilliantly set off with the Casala Lynx chair which provided them with a multi-use chair suitable for both Conference and Theatre style seating.

The conference chairs have a very clever frame design that allows linking to take place within the frame and without any additional securing points – this ingenious design allows for rapid deployment and change which was very important due to the multi-function use of the space.

Credenza storage from UK office furniture manufacturer Verco was selected as having the right blend of functionality and solid wood detailing that complemented the high quality table system. These are available in a variety of widths and in this case were specified at 1000mm wide.

Side conference rooms were similarly specified and the result is an oasis of business like calm and understated elegance which provides the Law Society with the right level of ambience and longevity.

Publication date: November 11th, 2016

Text: Alison Lyall

Images: Interior photographer Edinburgh