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Changing jobs or starting out your professional career is an exciting time in your life. Just like moving or refurbishing your office, you set off on a journey where you may have a vision, but you won't exactly know what the destination or outcome is. However, just like the way we work with our clients, the team at Amos Beech will provide you with an open and stimulating environment where you can prosper and develop yourself together with your colleagues.

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Not to frighten you off, but we thought it was a good idea to let you read the blog our Managing Director wrote as his entry for the internal blog competition:

A career at Amos Beech!

Do you have what it takes to be a business Commando?

Courage, determination, unselfishness and cheerfulness….

4 words are used to describe the 'Commando Spirit' that belongs to one of the world’s most daring, resourceful and successful elite forces. 4 words that in themselves may not seem particularly significant, considering the greatness of the force they describe, and yet they are the underpinning traits that are clearly on display in a team that never give up.

For Commandos, the consequences of one of the above not being present can be fatal, or at the very least life threatening. Clearly extreme fitness, intelligence, a knowledge and understanding of weaponry and field craft are essential but, without courage or determination, the chances of success are almost non-existent. Being 5 minutes late in the heat of a timed raid is hardly ideal when every second counts. Likewise, unselfishness and cheerfulness are very necessary counterparts. In other words, one without the others isn’t an option.

Is there then any reason why this cannot be applied to the world of business?

Don’t get me wrong… I am clearly not suggesting that we approach the office on all fours, armed to the teeth, coated in camouflage paint and with 45kg backpack to boot, but it does stand to reason that if were to adopt the attitude that these qualities are paramount to success, the refreshing taste of victory would become a more frequent experience.

We know only too well that business can, at times, be incredibly warlike. The fight to survive a downturn in the market, competition trying to gain a stranglehold on the industry, cutthroat pricing, undercover missions in an attempt to gain the advantage…and so the list goes on. All too often, we allow these situations to cripple us or adverse circumstances to influence us, accepting them as something we have no control over rather than fighting back in a hand to hand struggle to win.

Therefore, in the face of this, it stands to reason that we have never had more of a requirement for the ‘Commando Spirit’ to be prevalent in the workplace.

Blood, sweat and tears will also be required….or in more business-like terms, putting in the extra hours, going the extra mile or bending over backwards will be needed to put you ahead of your pursuers but this is only sustainable over time if you work with those who you can trust implicitly; those who share the same attitude and spirit.

We live in a world of commerce where only the fittest survive and it’s no longer the product or pricing that differentiates you. It’s the team you work with and how they work that gives you the cutting edge…

Courage, determination, unselfishness and cheerfulness…. welcome to Amos Beech! 

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